Brain-Based Coaching helps you set your sights on where you want to be, supports your learning journey, and helps you find your own answers. It is based on the neuroscience that states - no two brains are even remotely alike.

The most powerful way to make change is to have your own insights, because it creates new wiring, new connections in your brain. When you have a new insight and then create actions to reinforce it, the shifts are so great that -- looking back months later -- you won’t even recognize the way you used to think or the patterns you used to have.

Here are two real-life examples of clients who did just that:

  • Andy, a high-level executive. Before coaching, Andy had a visceral reaction to conflict. He broke out into a sweat and became choked up. After coaching, he couldn’t even remember those reactions! He now welcomes conflict situations, and actually mediates conflicts at work.

  • Sara could never leave her 30 year-old company (even for a few hours). She was the bottleneck for the operation, and felt completely bogged down. After coaching, she attended a 10-day retreat… and her company sailed through without her.

The Back to the Vision Roadmap

This system of coaching creates the structure for you to go for what you want, and get it. It helps me understand your challenges, and helps you get a completely different result in the future. This process ensures that we stay focused and on-track with what’s really important for your life and business.

The 5 main steps in this process are:

  • B- BRAIN POWERED GOALS - First we make goals that inspire you, created with the brain in mind.
  • E-EXCAVATE AND ELEVATE  Next, we truly gain an understanding of your challenges now . Then you dream your best future.
  • G-GAP REVEALED  What is missing? This sets the foundation of our work together.
  • I-INVESTIGATE, INSIGHT, INTEGRATE Now the insights come, actions taken, new worlds open up.
  • N-NEW BEGINNINGS Your new life begins complete with a totally fresh way of thinking. Those pesky details are in the background and the vision once again is your driving force.