You’ve finally “made it.”

You’re a successful entrepreneur, and have worked hard to bring your vision to life.

Yet, in spite of your success, you find yourself feeling stressed and overwhelmed much of the time. You are pulled in all directions, and often feel like you’re just going from one crisis to the next.

Everyone tells you to delegate (including those expensive consultants you’ve hired), but you just can’t seem to find people who can do it right.

Here’s the thing: Entrepreneurs are a special breed.

Where others are content to have a steady job and income, you crave challenge and zest more than security.

The problem is, when you get to a certain point in business, there’s not much of that left. It becomes all about systems, delegating and maintaining. And as much as you don’t want to admit it, you miss the fire and excitement you felt in the growing stage of your business.

That’s where I come in…

My name is Dhiresha Marshall and I specialize in helping high-achieving entrepreneurs get OUT of the details and back into the VISION for your life and business.

Through my Back to the Vision Roadmap and Brain-Based Coaching, I help you get that zest back – without backtracking to the days when you were struggling.

Together, we will create a clear plan to continue your financial growth, while spending more time in a space of creation and expansion.

You will learn how to shift your own thinking in order to have others do the things you don’t need or want to be doing, so you can stay focused on the vision.

Imagine having your company run smoothly, and your revenue continue to grow, with minimal oversight from you. What could you create if you freed up one, two or even three hours per day to dedicate to creative work or play?

That’s what I’m here to help you do.


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