"As a business owner I managed complaining, unhappy, ready-to-leave employees. Through coaching, Dhiresha helped me to see that I needed to hire and delegate to a manager. We now have a high-functioning team, increased profits and a positive atmosphere for everyone to work in. I don't think [the new manager] would have made it without the coaching Dhiresha provided. I now have more time to do the things that inspire me."

~Eileen LeFever, Business Owner Citrine Salon

"With Dhiresha’s help, I was able to identify old thought patterns that had limited my success in creating a life coaching business. We clearly defined my goals and then worked towards fulfilling each of them in a way that was based on my values and strengths. Through these powerful, brain-based coaching techniques, I found it much easier to understand what my next steps were (to advance my business and personal happiness).   Dhiresha’s warm personality, professional support, and clarity are key parts of how very effective this process has been. Together, we have defined what is, for me, a rich resource of understanding about my work and how to sustain that for years to come."

~ Graelin Cameron, Life Coach Professional Belly Dancer

“Brain-based coaching with Dhiresha yielded dramatic results for me. Though they appeared to be overly ambitious, over just 12 weeks, I was able to realize 100% of my goals. Dhiresha’s calm but direct guidance was instrumental in the breakthroughs that helped me attain my goals. The science behind brain-based coaching is impressive, and the results speak for themselves. I cannot recommend coaching with Dhiresha highly enough.”     

~Anne Lindsey, Real Estate Investor, Author

"As a first-time manager, I began running a salon with only the knowledge of working as a hairstylist. I had been hired to turn a business around that was losing its staff dramatically. Dhiresha and I worked on goals that would help to meet all of our needs. The most important goal was to rebuild a team, an atmosphere that employees would want to work in and a manager that was trusted. I am happy to say we have exceeded all of the goals set. Not only have I rebuilt a salon, but learned a lot about managing and myself along the way!"

~Ashley Nandi,  Manager Citrine Salon

"She talked me through possible choices and approaches, while helping me develop techniques to address any future situation I may ever face. Dhiresha has a way of holding you accountable to follow through on your new strategies and actions, without ever making you feel disempowered or like a wayward child. The excitement and passion she has for this work is contagious, and her acknowledgement when you reach your goals makes you want to strive for even more. I encourage anyone who feels like they could use a strong supporter beside them to work with Dhiresha.”

~ Carole L. Pope, NCLMBT#12671 Chapel Hill, NC  

"Before coaching, I was living in crisis mode -- with many responsibilities and too little time. Working with Dhiresha, I learned to connect the dots in my life and work. I discovered personal insights that gave me clarity. My health is improved, my finances are improved and I have added important personal aspects and connections to my life that I couldn’t reach before. By creating new habits of structure, routine, accountability and clear boundaries, I have gained 1-2 hours of productive, creative and personal time for myself each day. Through these practices, I have become a better leader of my creative team and find the added benefit of increased overall profitability in my business. Dhiresha’s natural balance of gentleness and positive action helped me maintain accountability for my goals throughout the process. She helped me reclaim myself."

~Cindy Spuria,  Business Owner Design Director Sitzer Spuria Studios

"As a personal coach, Dhiresha Marshall has been instrumental in supporting me in establishing and reaching professional career goals and in making personal lifestyle changes. She is effective in making each session productive and on the mark. She has guided me in discovering my own insights, exploring my own resources, and assessing my own needs and responsibilities in meeting professional and personal objectives. Within the personal coaching framework and methodology, she has assisted me in clarifying my interests, establishing more effective means of communication and in my experiencing more joy in my life. To say the least, our work together has been transformative. I would highly recommend Dhiresha as a personal coach for business, professional or personal aspirations."

~Dr. Cynthia L. Lewis, PT, PhD Associate Professor Emeritus Elon University

"When we set the goals initially, I felt they were an incredible stretch, and I didn't know how I would ever achieve them. By the end of our 12 coaching sessions, not only had I achieved all three goals, but the new habits were so natural to me, I couldn't believe I ever even had a problem. In fact, my first goal I achieved 120%! The methodology of the Brain-Based Coaching, combined with Dhiresha's expert guidance, really works."

~ Assistant Dean

"I hesitated before signing up because I have had some rather ineffective therapy over the years, and I feared that this would be more of the same. But after going through the 12 weeks of coaching with Dhiresha, I know that this has been the best money that I have spent. I feel as if my life has changed completely, and I have met goals that I had previously thought unattainable. The coaching took thought but it was not difficult or painful in the least. Through thoughtful and consistent direction, Dhiresha helped me see possibilities that I had not considered before. I feel as if I have new strengths and tools to help me achieve even more satisfaction as I go forward. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

~ Josephine, Retired