We entrepreneurs are a special breed. We love the challenge, the freshness, the striving towards our Vision. 

All that striving has paid off -- you’ve made it!

But now what? Endless details to contend with…

Don’t you want to get back to the adventure, the excitement, the creativity?

My name is Dhiresha Marshall, and I want to partner with you to do just that.

My story starts over 30 years ago with a bicycle accident that landed me in the hospital with a broken pelvis. I was flat on my back for a month, barely able to move.

I was a business student at UNC at the time, but that experience changed me… I came out different, introspective. This was the catalyst for my shift to developing a thirst for all kinds of personal development work.

My business path continued, while I simultaneously nurtured this other side of myself -- the side that was interested in yoga, T’ai Chi, meditation, mindfulness, energy medicine, massage.  

For the first time in my life, I had a deep interest in discovering WHO I was, WHY I was here, and HOW to be truly present in my life.

What’s unique about the way I work is that I use both of these sides --

the “business” and the “holistic.”

Every transformational journey starts with our own healing. Mine began with that accident, which sent me on a path to heal myself. Only then was I able to begin doing this work with other people.

Many people you can work with will guide you in meditation/yoga/mindfulness… while others will just focus on your business/marketing/systems. We will blend both.

Every area of your life is interconnected. Your coaching should be too. 

This is the journey we will take together. 

We will explore how to unburden you from those details, and get them taken care of effectively and efficiently, so you can fly with an astonishing new Vision… full of hope, engagement, focus and of course, zest. 

Can you do it alone? Isn’t that what you have been doing?            

Let me ask you this… Has this really cleared a path to a new way of life for you?

If you answered “not yet!” then I’d love to support you to accelerate this process, and reclaim your joy and creativity again.